Welcome to Rocket Host

Rocket host grew from a need to offer high performance web hosting and support at a reasonable cost. Originally, we were a web design business wanting to be able to offer a good quality web hosting solution to our clients, but we were tied to under-performing hosts, who were using outdated software, which made running the latest applications difficult.


Our business clients enjoy 100% monitored, 24x7 hosting with extremely high uptime providing excellent service, along with the outstanding New Zealand based support that we provide. Our clients only have to deal with one business - we can support their website, and also their web hosting. This makes it very easy for the business as well as cost effective.

Competitive advantage

Our advantage over standard web hosting businesses is clear; not only do we offer great New Zealand based hosting and support but we can help and support you with your website.

If you have a Magento eCommerce website that isn't working properly can you get support from your hosting company? Definitely not!

We have been working with Magento since they launched and have optimized our web hosting to run Magento.

Stuck with a troublesome Wordpress site? Joomla website not working properly? No problem - if you are a web hosting client with Rocket Host, then you can count on support.