Reduce Business Risk; host emails & website separately

Quite a statement - and probably not something businesses think about. In general, people place a low financial value on their email service, until the email service goes down and they realise just how important their emails reallyare.

This is even more so for businesses that would effectively stop trading while their email service was down.

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Google Says You Need to go Mobile!

If you have been checking your websites analytics you have probably noticed that roughly 50% of your website traffic has come from people browsing your website on mobile devices.

In line with this trend Google has anounched that from the the 21st of April Google will be adding Mobile friendliness to their search algorithum. This means if your website is not mobile friendly (optimised) then you could find your website falling down the rankings.

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Google Apps For Business

Note: While this article is directed at business websites, most of this post is equally directed at anyone with a website.

Most websites these days have a specific reason for being; over at Pixelweb where we mostly build business websites, one of the first questinos we ask is, what is the purpose of this website? Is it to promote a service? Sell a product? Whatever the reason, you will want to be able to quantify the success of the website.

So the key here is to create a Google account, there is a free offering and one for business. While I would highly recommend the business verison which includes email using your domain name, the free version also comes with the important tools below.

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Create a FREE website with our new Website Builder

Being a web hosting company it's easy to forget that over half of all New Zealand businesses still don't have a web presence. When I say a web presence I don't necessarily mean a website but an online business card / one page listing opening hours and contact details.

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